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Do you have a customer base of small business owners? With Cashium financing solutions, you can partner with us to empower your business and ours. Together, we can help small business entrepreneurs succeed.

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We’re always interested in forming vital partnerships with lenders, brokers, and organizations that can uplift entrepreneurs and the communities they serve. It’s not just about our funding: we also take pride in our competitive commissions and exceptional customer service.

How do I qualify?

2 Years

Minimum Time in Business


New Business Funding per Month

Functional Website

Minimum Time in Business

Business Insurance

General or Professional Insurance Required


Fiscal Conduct


Business Location


Cashium can fund your customers within hours.

With flexible funding, your customers can access more options and opportunities than ever before. Learn more about what we provide:

Line Of Credit

Lines of credit are ideal for businesses looking for a financial “safety net” to help grow and scale as needed.

Cash Advance

If you’re looking for a short-term loan, then a cash advance is the most logical choice for you.

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We don’t just partner with lenders, brokers, and sales organizations. Cashium is interested in publishers and content creators with an engaged audience of small business entrepreneurs.


We also partner with enterprise organizations looking for modern financing solutions for their small and medium-size business customers.


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